Do You Dropbox?

Oct 22, 2010

Seems like plenty of developers are realizing how great Dropbox is. You get a lot of space for free, and you can pay for more if you need it. These are the Dropbox apps I am aware of, but there are plenty out there, with more and more being developed.
Any on the list that you use? Any that you like that I didn’t list?

Nebulous Notes

Great lite version if you don’t want to pay, but in my opinion, the best Dropbox text editor you can get for under $5.


PlainText – Dropbox text editing

Well designed text editor that has iAds, but is still a very good product (I just don’t like the full version price tag)


TagDropBox Pro – Multiple Dropbox + File Manager

Have not used it, but looks like a good way to sync MS documents with Dropbox.


DropImage for Dropbox

Again, have yet to use it, but it is a photo syncing app with Dropbox. I would rather use a Picasa sync, but I definitely see the use in this.


Elements For Dropbox – A Markdown Notes and Writing App

This and DropText are the most popular Dropbox text editors, but I did not like them, especially for the price. Give them a look though, many people seem to like it.


Scanner Pro 7 – Document and receipt PDF scanner with OCR

I can’t wait to pick this up, it looks great.
A scanner that uploads to Dropbox.


Trackr ~ Dropbox uploader

Have not used it, but from what I can tell, it is a website manager using Dropbox to maintain files. Makes me want to work again!


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