Do Not Press the Red Button gives gamers little satisfaction

Aug 28, 2009

The Do Not Press the Red Button app provides one-time entertainment, but after that it is pretty useless.

Fans of the computer version will notice a more realistic feeling with the iPhone Application. The graphics for this boredom buster give the Do Not Press the Red Button app users a three-dimensional outlook.  The red button is situated as if the user is looking into an open box.  The button is more advanced than the original computer version, set in a base to look as though the user is pressing the button into something.  The clever, witty and sometimes misspelled Do Not Press the Red Button messages urge players to keep pressing.

While amusing for a moment or two, there really isn’t much of a game behind it.  Users just keep touching the screen ‘s button throughout  this entertainment app.  There is no end to Do Not Press the Red Button, as the game restarts itself after an extended period.  Users who are not paying attention may be sucked into continuing to play for what seems like forever.

Do Not Press the Red Button entertains users and pushes them to the brink of their curiosity. But it leaves you wanting more.

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