Disrupting the Ride-Sharing Economy with Skedaddle

Published by Kevin Chau in Travel
24 Jul 2017

As the cost of transportation only becomes more expensive to include fluctuating gas prices, insurance, and vehicle maintenance, alternative methods of getting around is becoming more popular to include ride sharing services such as Uber and Lyft. In order to avoid these costs as well as find convenient ways of travelling, Skedaddle has been developed to make transportation with others an easy and accessible process. Through introducing features that enable for reserving a seat in a luxury vehicle for any destination, the app is one that brings the notion of ride-sharing to the next level.

Designed for the highest degree of simplicity, Skedaddle enables those who are looking to travel far distances the ability to book a seat on luxury vehicles with those who are travelling in the same direction or to the same destination. In having this model of sharing a vehicle, a large number of people are able to quickly find a ride to wherever they need to go without the hassle of looking at maps or vehicle rentals which can be confusing. Furthermore, sharing a ride ensures a cost-effective solution against more personal methods of getting around which can be significantly more expensive.

Although ride-sharing apps are quickly becoming popular to include Uber and Lyft, Skedaddle is able to distinguish itself through targeting niche sectors in the public transportation space. As opposed to offering short-distance rides in a highly personalized manner which many desire for day-to-day commutes, it caters to long-distance riders on a larger scale so that riders can share their vehicle with up to 54 others at a time as opposed to 3-4 with UberPool. Furthermore, the app offers free rides for those who initiate a certain route and have at least 10 other riders sign up on that ride, a feature that other ride-sharing services are unable to offer given the constraints of available seats in personal vehicles.

For those who are looking to reduce their long-distance transportation fees in the ride-sharing environment while still maintaining the personalization of a taxi ride, Skedaddle is a highly recommended alternative to other services. Offering a high degree of convenience where the riders can specify a pickup time and location, sharing a ride with many other travelers has never been easier or done at such a cost-effective rate.

Developer: Skedaddle Inc
Price: Free