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Jun 30, 2016

Taggroo is a free app which allows you to discover Throws close to you. Throws are geographically tagged images that members have taken and published. You can follow the compass to find any Throw, and the app will tell you your distance to it.

And this is where the fun starts with Taggroo. Once you are close enough to any Throw, you can Burn it. To Burn a Throw is when you have added your Tag, or sticker, on top of it. But this is not a sticker app, it does not come with some sweet stickers you can buy or get for free. No, you upload the Tags by yourself – and you can make a Tag out of anything you upload. You can even rotate the Tags in 3D, to give them really realistic appearance.


For those with artistic skills, you can make a Tag out of your drawings on paper. For those with no artistic skills whatsoever, you can make a text Tags, for which you can choose the font and background color. Taggroo is closely linked with graffiti street art culture and culture jamming. Burning is the aim of the application, Taggroo wants you to “fix” anything you can get your hands on.

App also allows you to chat with any member, to comment on any Throw (no matter how far from it you are), and so on.

Taggroo is built with love in London, and has just launched a few days ago. Expect lots of images of graffiti from London, but because it is still very fresh – not so many users at the moment. If you always wanted to leave your mark somewhere in a legal way, give Taggroo a try. The application is aimed for anyone over 17 years of age, because of its edgy nature – when it comes to Taggroo, you can post pictures of anything you wish!

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