Dining Apps for July 2011!

Jul 14, 2011

Summer’s here and that means few people want to slave over a hot stove! Or you’re on the go and you need to know the good food spots around! These apps will help!

BiteHunter – Dining Deals for Restaurants

This app helps you find good and cheap eats around you. It finds daily deals and various offers that lead to a cost efficient and yummy meal.


Grubhub Food Delivery & Takeout

If it’s too hot to even move from your spot in front of the A/C, this app is for you! This app informs you of all the nearby places that deliver. If the location accepts online orders you can even place your chow mein order through this app!


Yahoo! Sketch-a-Search

This app is super useful when you want to be extremely specific about where you’re willing to go for some grub. Once you narrow in on a place you’ll be taken to a well laid out profile of the restaurant complete with pictures and reviews.


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