Digital SLR: Learn Photography and Complimentary Apps

Oct 3, 2012

I recently bought a DSLR camera and it looked like alien technology. These are some of the apps I downloaded to help teach me the basic instructions to actually use the camera, and also some more advanced skills like shutter speed and aperture to take professional looking photos.

Master Your DSLR Camera: A Better Way to Learn Digital Photography

I bought this first and without it, I would still be entirely lost. I still refer back to it constantly. Good for anyone; beginners to experts alike.


CameraSim for iPad2 +

Great pratice. Gives you stock photos to pick settings such as Lighting, Distance, ISO, Aperture and more. Tells you after you “take the photo” how good your settings were for that particular photo and what you could have done better.


B&H Photo, Video & Pro Audio

(Not listed on Appolicious). Great app to browse and buy photo and video equipment.


DSLR Camera Remote Professional Edition

Being able to remotely adjust settings and shoot photos is a really handy thing to have. Also includes a Live Preview


DSLR Photography Cheat Sheet

Very much a beginners guide. You won’t learn very much from this, but it’s a nice thing to have and peak at to refresh your memory.


PhotoHelper – Camera Settings For Better Pictures

Lets you enter the information for the picture and then tells you the proper settings



Not ideal if you are a professional, but at least lets you manage the light fairly well.


Digital SLR Photography Magazine Replica

Very good photography magazine for you aficionados out there.


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