Dec 4, 2010

Want to know what a word means? Why not have it on your phone in app form? Here’s some free dictionary apps worth trying.

Dictionary! by Wordset

I wanted to check out free dictionary apps and this was one of the first to come up. While I don’t expect a ton from a dictionary app there are a few things on this app that impressed me and a few things that disappointed.

First, the app is smart, unlike those paper versions I used as a kid. It knows that when you spell purpel you really mean purple and is pretty good at giving you a number of guesses for your horrible spelling (which is great, because I kant spel). Further, it found all the strange words I could think up which isn’t saying much but still means it works for the majority of things you’ll want an app like this for.

What it is missing is a very detailed view of a word and likely this is for a reason. In book form you get a few word definition when you look something up. Unless you want a gigantic book (and yes, I had one of those when I was a kid) you’re going to need to be brief in your definitions. You’re also likely not going to have a lot of history on the word listed unless absolutely necessary. And all things considered, this app probably needs to be the same. Since the app isn’t accessing words via the internet it needs to be lean enough to give you a definition without taking up your entire phone and that’s exactly what this app does.

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If you’re looking for a basic dictionary this app is for you.


Dictionary.com Dictionary & Thesaurus

This app is pretty amazing. Frankly I wonder how much space it’s taking up on my phone!

Not only do you get a fairly detailed definition of the word you’re looking for but the app also give you pronunciation, will speak the word to you (yay for those of us that just can’t sound stuff out) and even gives you the origin of the word which is extra awesome. Of all the free dictionary apps this one will likely be the dictionary app of choice.


WordWeb Dictionary

In looking for a Dictionary app I really wanted to check out all the top free apps and this is one of those. While it lacks significantly in some places, it excels in others.
The app gives you some pronunciation guidelines but no verbal word. Bummer for those of us who can’t sound out or remember all the parts of pronunciation for those weird words. It doesn’t give you a particularly long definition but thankfully almost always uses the word in a sentance which helps. Because it’s also a thesaurus it gives you words that are the “same”. But the best part is the random word function. Want to learn something new? This app could well be for you. Plus you get to bookmark words so you can remember to use popinjay later after it comes up as a random word!

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Advanced English Dictionary and Thesaurus with Audio

I’d love to say that this free dictionary app was indeed advanced but I’m afraid it just isn’t. While it may include words like abdominoplasty it doesn’t have pronunciation in either writing or in sound and it doesn’t include the history of the word either.

While you can add the word to your bookmarks or check out your viewing history which is helpful that’s really all there is to this app. Pretty rudimentary when it comes to dictionary apps!


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