Designer Aids

Sep 25, 2010

Being a web and graphic designer as well as a photographer on the side, I have found these apps very helpful, either with production or as tools for inspiration!


This app can put a number of very cool filters on any of your photos. As a designer seeing my photos “funkified” somehow opens my mind up to different artistic genres. Long live Lomography!



This cool app takes a photo and creates a palette with the colors from the picture. I find this a great shortcut for picking my color scheme for the websites I design. This is a must-have if you, like me, can spend hours agonizing over whether to use Salmon or Tuscan Red


MobileRSS Free ~ Google RSS News Reader

Any creative person needs inspiration which is why I’ve set up my Google Reader to follow scores of design, art, and photography blogs. MobileRSS lets me view everything on the go in a clean setup. It can lag a bit if you follow many blogs, but overall it works well.


Evernote – capture notes and sync across all devices. Stay organized.

This lets you record anything you can possible think of. A necessary tool for anyone in a creative field!


Doodle Buddy – Paint, Draw, Scribble, Sketch – It’s Addictive!

For when you need to draw out a quick sketch!


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