May 4, 2011

Check out these apps that help diagnose and treat depression.

Christian Prayers

While I could do without the tortured photos of Jesus, this app has a prayer for everything. Great for inspiration!



Answer 29 questions to assess possible mood disorders. Recommend!


STAT Depression Screening PHQ-9

Answer ten questions and this app will give you a severity score, provisional diagnosis (minor depression, major depression, dysthymia) and a treatment recommendation ( watchful waiting, antidepressant, psychotherapy). It will also chart progress over time. Recommend.



I loooooove this app. It’s like opening a fortune cookie everyday. There is nothing like launching an app and the sentence on the screen is “Everything will be just fine.” Also, I love the sound effects. I highly recommend this very mindful app!


Mood Almanac

Do your physical, emotional and intellectual cycles match your partners? Enter your birth dates into Mood Almanac and compare. I don’t know if I believe in bio rhythmic theory, but I do like the daily forecasts. Recommend.


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