Demystifying Music Lyrics with Lyreka

Oct 2, 2016

The interpretive nature of music and song lyrics can often leave listeners wondering what the artist truly meant or looking for confirmation about their own understanding of the songs. While many popular songs are easy and straightforward to understand, others have underlying meanings that can be a bit harder to decipher.

With the frustration associated with trying to decode lyrical interpretations, one app that has simplified the search for meaning behind songs is Lyreka on the App Store, an extension of the The app features a community of music lovers who interpret and share their different thoughts on music lyrics to gain various perspectives about potential meanings.

Lyreka enables users to collectively interpret the meaning of songs and brings out different possibilities from others listeners. Features of the app include the ability for users to search through over 850,000 available songs, post thoughts or meanings of lyrics, comment and contribute to other posts, follow users based on music preferences, search for songs by image quotes, as well as search 40,000 artist profiles. The vast number of artists and songs continues to grow on a daily basis, providing an increasingly large community for nearly every song of every genre. One of the most creative features of the app that incentives users to post their interpretations is derived from the reward system known as ‘Eureka’ which is based on the number of meanings and thoughts that they share which is equivalent to a Facebook “Like”. When users of Lyreka come across a meaning that was posted which helps clarify their understanding of a song, they are able to reward the post with a Eureka, exchange considerations, or even challenge the meaning in the form of comments.

The app invites music lovers from around the world to further share their experiences with the songs that have influenced them the most, revealing how the nature of music has the ability to impact the lives of others. As a social media platform for music enthusiasts, users can quickly get started by signing up with either an email address or Facebook account at which point access to the app and is granted. Lyreka also allows for the customization of profiles so that other users are able to view who is behind the interpretations. The sense of connectedness makes the app highly attractive for those who seek to engage with others about the music they love as opposed to passively enjoying it.

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Coupling an interactive aspect to music that enables users to participate in the creative process, Lyreka makes enjoying music more than simply following the artist on social media, but is centered on bringing together listeners with a common bond and sense of community. Beyond that, the user experience is designed to be extremely simple to use and navigate which makes finding a song from the available list extremely simple and efficient. With the number of songs available on the app, coming together and collaborating with others who share a mutual love for music has never been easier with Lyreka.

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