De-scatter your Life with These Apps!

Apr 30, 2011

My organization skills are less than top form and these apps help me make it through the week without any major catastrophes!


This super sleek app lets you put all your thoughts together in a very clear and easy to understand list. It’s so visually pleasing I almost forget to be stressed over my very long list of things to do!


Week Calendar

The native ical calendar on the iphone is great, but if you’re like me: a day’s worth of events is not enough and a month’s is too overwhelming. This is the app for us: a calendar that lets you see the whole week planned out and pulls up all your appointments from your ical. A must have app for the week minded!



This is a very detailed to do list app for the iphone so you don’t miss any details of what needs to be done and when and how. You can set alarms and organize events by folders. Great for project management!


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