Aug 31, 2010

If you are currently dating, here are some apps with helpful tips. I’ve also included others that might help you manage frustration!

Most Common Dating Mistakes by Men & Women

All of the mistakes listed in this app are obvious and if they don’t seem obvious-READ EVERY ONE OF THEM. Avoid dates that are disorganized, have poor hygiene, exhibit physical violence, or who are verbally abusive and negative. This app is worth the download, but it probably won’t stay on my phone.


Women Mistakes in bed

Regardless of the title, I think some of the suggestions in this app are helpful and true. It’s well organized and more fact based than what you’d might expect. It’s worth the download.


How to Get a Girlfriend – wikiHow

Here are just a few of the tips offered in this app (paraphrasing of course)
They seem to make sense to me. Good Luck!

-Talk to as many women as possible (5 new women a day)
-Don’t used canned lines, at the very least say ‘Hi’
-Explore new interests and activities
-Keep an open mind
-Practice complimenting and genuinely meaning it!


Angry Weight Loss Guide

He might come in handy, especially after a bad date! I think the drill sergeant is Scottish? This app made me laugh. It has buttons of all of the foods that can be disastrous for dieters. Just press the Cheese or the Chocolate button and you’ll be saved from cheating!


Slingshot Cowboy

I don’t know why I like this game so much, other than it’s a great way to relax. I guess it’s the unsuspecting look on the cow’s face right before you aim and fire! The slingshot is fun and you can earn other weapons!

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