Dad’s iPhone apps Part 1

Oct 16, 2010

My Dad just got his first iPhone and interestingly enough loves some apps that I just don’t like at all. What I realized talking to him is that for many, learning to type on the iPhone keyboard is annoying, especially if it’s not something you’re used to at all. For him, apps that allow voice recognition are the big win. That said, others do well too so here’s his list (part 1).

Google Earth

My dad rides his bike all the time and likes to explore new mountain bike and road biking trails. This app shows him the view from above, the topography and all sorts of other information he needs to explore new roads and trails.


Google app — Search made just for mobile

For those with big fingers or not used to typing on a phone keyboard this app is for you. My dad loves how it pulls up any search he can think of, even ones that are poorly worded. Great for anyone who despises typing (or maybe if you just hate the weird autocorrect!?)



Another unit converter but include currency and now you have a total winner.


SplashID Safe Password Manager

Let’s face it, most of us replicate our passwords all over the interwebs. Not a good idea by any means but who the heck can remember all the different passwords everywhere? Enter SpashID. Now you just need to remember that one splashid password and you’re golden. Great idea.


Amazon App: shop, browse, scan, compare, and read reviews

Who doesn’t like to shop? More importantly who doesn’t like to look up stuff when you’re at a store to see if the price is acceptable. There’s an app for that and it’s called Amazon Mobile.


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