Cycling Apps

Apr 26, 2011

Now that spring is upon us, bike lovers across the nation are rejoicing that they can break out their favorite two-wheeled modes of transportation. Here are some apps that go along nicely with your cycling craze.

Bike Repair

Even if you are only a moderate cycler, you’ll know bikes constantly break down. This app lists different parts that you may be having a problem with and then gives detailed instructions on how to fix different issues you may have with that part or how to use a tool. The fact that this is available on the go makes this a particularly useful app for cyclers!


Strava Running and Cycling – GPS Run and Ride Tracker

This app makes you log into your Strava account. When you start your bike trip, you press start and this app records your speeds, your exact trail on a map and distances. A cool cycling app!


Spokes NYC

Unfortunately only available for New York Cyclers, this very cool app gives you the best route for two wheeling it across town. A must have for all manhattan cyclers!


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