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Aug 13, 2010

I run the UK’s most popular cycling blog and here are the apps I use on a frequent basis for my cycling.

Bike Doctor

Because it is my application and I think knowing how to look after your bike will save you a ton of money!


Cyclemeter GPS – Cycling Running and Mountain Biking Ride Tracking

Have yet to find a better iPhone app for tracking my cycling. I love that everything happens within the app and there is no need to faf around with rubbish GPS websites.


Trails – GPS tracker

For following GPS routes this is absolutely perfect. I simply upload the GPX file and then stap my iPhone to my bike and off I go


Cychosis – Cycling Journal

For keeping track of cycling and the app is built by my good friend Ron Forrester


RunKeeper Free

If you don’t want to fork out for the amazing Cyclemeter app then this free RunKeeper is fairly good alternative.


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