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Published by Sam Eskenazi on Puzzle

Cubis Kingdoms is the newest addition to the redesigned mobile-friendly version of the popular PC game Cubis, a highly addictive board clearing game.

Cubis Kingdoms is a simple game to pick up and becomes quickly addictive, with the main aim being to clear the board by firing coloured cubes into more cubes.

Something that really makes Cubis Kingdoms stand out from other board clearing games is the viewing angle, which, rather than the standard flat board in most games of this style, you are presented with a 3D board and as a result the ability to fire cubes from multiple angles. For anyone who enjoyed playing the original Cubis on PC back in the early 2000s, this is a game you will definitely love.

Once you’ve worked your way through the introduction you are taken into the actual game, this being a 3D board that contains different colored cubes scattered around the board and sometimes stacked on top of each other. Your job is to fire given cubes from the side of the board, matching three or more of a color to make it disappear. Once you’ve collected a target number of each colored cube, this is displayed on the side of the screen, you are given a limited number of moves to try and clear the board. If you are successful in clearing the point you’re given a life elixir.

The game becomes slightly more complex as you progress through the levels, with certain blocks having powers such as clearing all blocks of that color. Obstacles are also placed in your way to make the gameplay a bit more challenging in the form of blocks that cannot be broken and require what looks like a dragon’s eggs to clear. Of course you are only given a limited number of these to use each level.

Though the graphical style is overly familiar of the old games, Cubis Kingdoms does deserve credit for the sheer amount detail they have put into this map, going as far as making the fish in the river move.

There are the number of life elixirs you can earn from clearing the board. You can use these elixirs, along with a set number of colored cubes, to clear the fog of war from a section of the map. This is where the story from the beginning of the game comes into play as you are trying to help clear all of the fog and uncover statues that you can then use even more elixirs with to restore the different creatures that lived in the forest, ultimately helping to lift the curse that has been placed on the forest.

It is wonderful to see more and more older style PC games coming to our phones and tablets that contain both balanced, interesting gameplay and an intriguing story.

It is wonderful to see more and more older style PC games coming to our phones and tablets that contain both balanced, interesting gameplay and an intriguing story.

Cubis Kingdoms manages to revitalise an older game in a way that doesn’t make you roll your eyes in frustration – the gameplay is still fresh, despite it being a remake, and the story and gameplay mesh well together.

Anyone looking for a game from their childhood done well on mobile need look no further than Cubis Kingdoms.

Our Rating

Beautiful design. A great revitalization of the genre.Gameplay can feel repetitive after a while.
Cubis Kingdoms
Cubis Kingdoms
Developer: iwin, Inc.
Price: Free+