CTO: Top 7 Apps for a Chief Technology Officer

May 6, 2010

I’m a CTO and I provide CTO services for my clients. iPad is a key success tool for my day-to-day work. As Sr Editor at iPhoneCTO and founder of iPadCTO, I’ve had the opportunity to review and evaluate hundreds of apps for business use.

This list comprises the 7 most important apps that CTO’s are likely to appreciate.

PocketCloud Remote Desktop Pro – RDP / VNC / View

As an executive, you are typically away from your desktop. This app is (by far) the most useful of all remote desktop networking apps available for two reasons; (i) interactive screen performance, and (ii) no mouse cursor, this app is the first (and only) remote access app that supports gestures regardless of the connected operating system.


Dragon Dictation

There’s only one way to get more done if you need to communicate with lengthy messages. Typically, managers and executives must articulate their delegated tasks in great detail. Dictating messages and documents is far more productive than typing.


Analytics HD

If your responsibilities include tracking online server activity, this is the ideal app for doing that across many servers and sites. While it provides only a limited view of the total Google Analytics picture, it provides the right views; exceptional trending and stats that are necessary for quick checks and meetings.


Skype for iPhone

No other VoIP app is used by more people in technology than Skype. Furthermore, Skype is the preferred choice for communications with technical teams and project managers.



While this app is useful for all iPad users, CTOs will find it a core necessity especially who are always changing device context – iPad, iPhone, Desktop, Notebook. The new iPad version is easy-to-use and highly productive and acts as a universal briefcase. Ironically, with DropBox, the briefcase is inside the iPad, not the other way around. To some degree, Box.net and DropBox overlap functionality but that’s only if you use them for the same purpose. I recommend using DropBox for documents in progress and resources that you need to perform tasks. Box.net is the app (and service) that I recommend for curating, publishing, and distributing the results of your work.

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MindNode – Delightful Mind Mapping

Of all the tools available for mind mapping, this is the best. Simplicity, screen design gestures, and sharing combine to make this the most productive way to sketch an idea or business process and communicate your plans with staff.



CTOs read a lot and most of their research is done on the web. Grabbing links is an inefficient method of capturing things to read and especially useless when you’re not online. Capturing pages and articles is a breeze with InstaPaper which allows you to cache your reading requirements offline.


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