Crop or rotate photos on your iPhone with this free app

Aug 28, 2009

Let’s face it — nobody is taking world-class photos on their iPhone, or any other phone for that matter. An application like Crop for Free, while limited, makes more of our pictures fit for the frame. 

Surf around a bit and you will see that the Internet is littered with photos taken by those who wish to share everything they see with the entire world. Crop for Free at least makes it possible to manipulate those images, but only via cropping.  When the app opens, the user taps the words “Choose Picture” on the screen and is taken to their iPhone photo albums.

Tap a photo, and you are brought to the Crop for Free interface. Buttons at the bottom allow the user to crop or rotate the photograph.  Images can be cropped multiple times before being saved, and the original photograph remains in the iPhone photo album.

Unlike other free photo apps available from the App Store, Crop for Free does not improve image quality in any appreciable way, though the makers, Free the Apps!, have recently released Flash for Free and HDR for Free, which allow for additional photo manipulation and improvement.

Free the Apps! operates on the premise that solid, useful apps should be free.  That’s a great ideal, but the apps must be solidly built and useful.  Call me crazy, but this reviewer would prefer to have one simple, streamlined application that does more than one thing — let me crop and adjust brightness in a photo within the same app.

But hey, it crops. And it’s free.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁
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Viki Gonia

Viki Gonia writes a column for her local paper, teaches writing at Columbia College of Chicago, and has had her iPhone surgically attached to her hand.

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