Crockpot Apps for the New Year

Jan 16, 2012

Ages ago I did some reviews on crockpot apps. Back then there weren’t many options but these days there are a ton of crockpot apps on the market. Here’s a look at some of what you’ll find out there.

Recipe World – Crock-Pot and Slow Cookers

Tons of recipes and lots of ethnic choices. A solid app for the price.



There’s a few things I want in a crockpot recipe app. First, the app needs to have recipes that don’t require a ton of work outside the pot. If I have to do a bunch of grilling in separate pans first I’m not really saving any time. That’s where this app excels. From what I can see most of the recipes are “throw stuff into the pot” which is why I use a slow cooker.

But then there’s other things I want from a recipe app that this unfortunately doesn’t have. Mainly nutritional data and the ability to search by healthy types of settings. Is a recipe gluten free? You’ll have to look at each recipe to find out. How does it look nutrition wise? Plug in the information someplace else because this app won’t tell you.

All that said, this app beats the apps that want you to cook before you crock which is, in my mind, a total crock!


Slow Cooker Recipes..

Nothing but soups but a decent selection. Plus you can add your own so you’ll have them all in one place.


470 CrockPot Recipes

$10 for a crockpot recipe app? Yeah, it sounds like a crock to me too. There are plenty of great cheap and free apps out there. Skip this one.


Crock-Pot® Slow Cooker Recipe Finder

OK, I admit it. I downloaded this app while at the store after seeing that crock pots were on a screaming sale. I literally wanted to see how easy it is to cook with a crock pot as I know a number of friends who swear by them for easy, time-saving meals. With this app I was sadly not inspired to buy a crock pot.

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This app looks relatively good from the outside. Placing recipes into easy to see groups by ingredient, cuisine, course, quart size, etc one would think this would be a great app for those of us needing meals to cook themselves. While I didn’t look at every recipe, most seem to require a pretty significant amount of work outside the pot. Moreover many of the recipes have poor ratings from users.

While I’m not a crock pot pro or even experienced this application didn’t inspire me or even impress me with its ease of use. If I have to cook for 30 minutes before putting something into a crock pot is it really worth it? Yeah, I didn’t think so either.


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