Cricket Apps

May 5, 2010

I became interested in Cricket after I saw a lecture on Ted.Com about it’s effect on the Indian and Global Economy. I didn’t know anything about the game until I downloaded these apps.


This app is very informative. It has everything from the rules of Cricket to lesser known trivia. A good collection of facts about the sport.


Bowled Over Cricket Quotes

These quotes are hilarious and you don’t have to know anything about cricket to have a good laugh. Then again, if you are trying to learn about the game, it’s a decent intro to the personality of the players and teams.


Cricket Brain Lite

This is a great app to learn about Cricket. If you’re not familiar with the sport already, you won’t have a chance. The trick is to remember the right answer to the question when it is revealed. And then keep playing! A good way to brush up on your Cricket facts, or learn something new.


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