Creativity Kit

May 24, 2011

This set of apps allows students to release their creative side.


Create and edit movies on your iPad



create your own songs and loops or sample from other sounds.


Adobe Photoshop Express

Edit your photos with the power of adobe Photoshop.


Adobe Ideas

A digital sketchbook to create works of art or capture your ideas.



Capture your concepts with this concept mapping tool.


SketchBook Pro for iPad

Great Drawing App. There is also a lite edition.


Puppet Pals HD

Create your own shows and animations in real time. This app also lets you create puppets from pictures in your Camera Roll.


Comic Life

Create your own comic books with this fun app.


Photogene ⁴

This app lets edit photos quickly and easily.



This app allows students to carry sheet music on their iPad, similar to books in iBooks.


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