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Oct 21, 2010

My favorite apps require me to interact with the app, learn something new, and inspire me. I like to call the idea behind these apps creation through participation. So far, I’ve made a storybook, a flip-book, a game, and have been inspired by the digital version of Etch- A -Sketch. Enjoy!

Etch A Sketch

It’s Etch A Sketch! What could be better! The sound effects are right on and this app has added a ton of features to the etch a sketch experience. You can change colors, draw with the knobs and your fingers, you can insert shapes, you can use tilt to draw mode, you can zoom in and zoom out! Highly Addictive and inspiring!


Flip It! Lite

Draw your very own Flipbook and then animate it with this app! You can choose colors, line widths, add shapes, and control how fast you want it to playback! You also have the ability to save your flipbooks! Awesome!


Sketch Nation Shooter

I love the concept behind sketch nation shooter. It’s just like any other space shooter game, except you can design both the spaceships and the enemies. You can also choose how many enemies you want to fight. The directions are easy to follow. Creative and fun!



Add text and images to some of your favorite stories or create your very own storybook with this app! Love it!


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