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Aug 12, 2016

Creating beautiful and engaging video content usually involves professional, costly equipment and many hours of editing.

As consumers continue to gravitate towards watching more and more videos, content creators like bloggers and influencers are eager to publish more content to satiate their fans’ appetites, but they simply don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to hours of video production and editing. Emerging bloggers are intimidated by the cost of creating video, the complexity required to produce a great video, and the knowledge of systems and software needed to execute. Because of these constraints, many are missing out on a huge market opportunity for increased advertising revenues from brands that are eager to meet potential customers through video ads, especially as consumers constantly seek more and more content. Media outlets agree – according to a recent poll of 600 publishers conducted by AOL, most publishers picked video to be the number one revenue driver for 2017.

Social media channels have provided the average person with an opportunity to create their own brand, and for those who are truly vested, a way to make money from their personal brands. Video is a critical tool for bloggers and influencers to harness to amplify their brand, but it is often too costly and intimidating for a non-professional to know where to start.

dubdub is primed to solve that problem. dubdub empowers bloggers and influencers with an easy-to-use tool to create up to 90-second high quality videos sharable across social media networks. dubdub allows influencers to create engaging pro-quality content in minutes and share instantly on social channels—eliminating the need for costly and specialized video creation equipment, and best of all, a much shorter process to get from raw footage to a polished video.

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According to eMarketer, spending on mobile video is set to grow 700 percent in the next four years. As more and more people spend time watching videos and more creators are publishing videos to keep up, it becomes increasingly difficult for bloggers to differentiate themselves in a crowded market. What’s worse, using older video technologies can prohibit bloggers from creating videos that are immediately relevant – there’s nothing worse than spending lots of time creating something that will feel outdated by the time it is ready to be viewed. Fans care about what their favorite blogger is eating or doing today – not what they did last week.

dubdub eliminates long production times and simplifies complex editing processes, allowing its users to produce high-quality videos on a mobile-exclusive tool. By providing this all-mobile experience, content creators can easily mesh videos together taken at different times and places, condense into one cohesive video, publish and upload to social platforms with virtually no lag time. The all-mobile experience builds bloggers’ confidence in using their phone’s camera to create compelling content.

The easy-to-use system empowers bloggers to use video in an effective way to catch the attention of more fans and potential sponsors. By making filming, editing and publishing high quality videos more accessible, brands and influencers finally have a way to crack into the video market and make themselves known to a wider audience to create a greater chance of becoming a household name. Creating video doesn’t have to be arduous – and it can be the key for a content creator to transform their platform from niche to well-known.

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