May 31, 2010

There are exactly 8 billion Craiglist apps out there (plus or minus a few). Some are free, some are paid, some are good, some are bad. These are the ones I’ve tried in an attempt to find the perfect app.

Craigly – craigslist power search

One of the most annoying things about Craigslist is how limited it is to location. While you might not be willing to go 200 miles for a $10 item, if you’re buying something more expensive or rare then you may be more willing to travel. And that’s where this app shines.

Craigly allows you to search multiple locations at once though unlike other apps you can’t search all of craigslist. That problem is mostly dealt with by changing the settings for nearby locations. You can expand what is “nearby” up to 1000 miles from you, thus effectively allowing you to expand your search to what seems reasonable for the item in question. It also allows you to view your search results with pictures so you can cut out the junk that isn’t what you’re looking for visually without having to get into each listed item.

For those of you wanting to sell on Craigslist it has an easy feature to make posting from your phone simple, allowing you to take pictures and upload them instantly.

All in all a very robust Craigslist application for just a tiny bit of money. Now off to sell some stuff!


Craigsphone – Craigslist for iPhone

If you want just the facts and the app that looks most like the website then this app is for you. Just the facts maam. Yup, this is just craigslist for you phone. If you’re looking for that must have used item or something you need to check back on regularly (man that widget gets picked off quick when it’s posted) this is the app for you. Easy to use, pictures included it’s also not as rich as the website but well worth having should you need to be connected with the fabulous Craigslist while on the go.

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Craigs+ Seattle

Also available for other cities this app will help you sell your stuff as much as it will help you find new stuff. Worth having if you want a free app to sell your junk though there are likely better apps for selling out there, if you’re willing to pay for it.


Craigslist Tips and Tricks

Wow, this is bad. This is beyond bad. It’s basically just an ebook put into an app, sort of. You can read the ebook with this app but frankly it’s so basic and soo poorly organized I can’t imagine why you’d bother. If you know nothing about craigslist this app might be worth it for you. Otherwise just do a google search to find good selling and buying information.


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