Crack Me Up

Jul 9, 2011

These apps crack me up. How about you?

Fargo Soundboard

All of the very best expressions from the movie Fargo. It includes sayings from all of the major characters. If you loved Fargo, then this app is a must-have. “Where is pancakes house?” “What?” “We stop at pancakes house.” Unforgettable!



OMG! Every time I open up this app it cracks me up. The music is joyous and the pictures of cats float across the screen. Pick one and hear their MEOW. Highly Recommend.


Future baby’s face : make a baby, get baby pics and pick a name while pregnant (baby booth) !!

Yes, I always choose possible lovers based on what our potential spawn might look like. This app is an excellent filter because you just never know . . .


Tampon Toss

Yes, I downloaded this app simply for the name and because I could not believe it. Yes, if I could have, I would have thrown a tampon at my high-school principle.


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