Cops and Robbers!

Oct 9, 2010

These apps are for playing cops and robbers with the little ones or just the big kids who still like to play make-believe and are perhaps a bit too addicted to Law and Order, SVU, NCIS, CSI….

Lie Detector Test

A very sleek app that scans your fingerprint and detects whether or not you are lying. Good for interrogating your roommates when all the cookies go missing!


iPolice Undercover Dash Light, Gun, Flashlight, Siren and Scanner Codes

For your car chases around the living room. This includes sirens, strobe lights, scanner codes and a badge!


FBI Handbook

Know the rules of the US FBI! This supplies you with the knowledge of how to collect evidence and deal with procedures in a multitude of crime situations.


Nick Chase: A Detective Story

Hone in on your detective skills with this hidden object game that plays like a movie. The graphics are like graphic novels and set the tone of a Philip Marlowe type of story.


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