Cooking Apps for June 2011!

Jun 10, 2011

Need some culinary inspiration? Look no further than these apps!


This app is great for the culinary challenged. Instead of telling you what to get, you tell it what you have available and this app will help you figure out what you can make. Recipes are also on the less intensive side while still being very tasty! Two thumbs up!


How to Cook Everything Essentials

A wonderful cooking resource brought to the iphone. The recipes here which are also featured in Mark Bittman’s cookbook with the same name. They are fast, easy to understand and to the point, proving that anybody can put together a decent meal!


You Can Cook

This 99 cent app compiles youtube cooking videos that you can watch as you prepare your lavish meal. The descriptions clearly outline what the video will help you prepare and you can better decide which dish to make!


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