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Jul 13, 2010

One of the best parts of the iPhone is having so much information at your fingertips. Want to know what the temperature is where you are but they’re speaking a different language (aka Celsius and you’re from the US)? There’s apps for that. In fact there’s all sorts of converter apps out there but here are a few I’ve used.

Heat (temperature converter)

This is one of the first converters I ever put onto my phone. My trip to Baja meant that I was constantly in Celsius land and not quite sure if it was really really hot or just hot sitting on a motorcycle in full gear! This app helped with that, and only that, as that’s it’s only talent. There are better full converter apps out there but at the time this was free and had the only thing I really needed unit of measure wise.


XE Currency

The other major app for travelling and converting is for money. Sadly it’s not all that up to date if you’re not around wireless (obviously) so while it works in populated areas it may not be the best app for super rural travel. Still worth having if you want to see the going rate, even if showing that to the exchange booth gets you nowhere.


gUnit – Currency & Unit Converter (Conversion)

My new go-to app for conversion. Considering the need to convert all sorts of units of measure beyond just temperature, this app is worth having. For it’s low price you might as well get it if conversion is something you ever do.


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