Conquering Other Players with Throne: Kingdom at War

Feb 8, 2017

Deviating from simple forms of gaming on the App Store such as racing or action, Throne: Kingdom at War offers an alternative by providing entertainment value in the use of strategy and discipline. Through employing strategic concepts that involve understanding the battle landscape, acquiring new information on the enemy, and preparing for different scenarios, players are able to delve into the world of war where actions must be deliberate and calculated in order to win. As opposed to simpler games that do not depend on intellectual maneuverability, Kingdom at War challenges the strategic abilities of the players in a way that other games fail to do.


Throwing players into the role of a warlord and city builder, the game makes it necessary to build their economic and military power from the ground up. From acquiring riches, military power, territories, and warriors, players must constantly be prepared for battle or to defend what they have built. In that Kingdom at War enables for other players to engage in battle, those who play the game are subject to having their property overruled if they are not adequately prepared. As opposed to offering only campaign-style gameplay that has players against a static computer, the ability to engage with others makes the battles highly dynamic and increases the competitive nature of the game. Given that the nature of Kingdom at War revolves around strategy and planning, the game dictates a level of anticipation for different situations so that those who are playing can develop plans, strategies, and initiatives in order to successfully defend their kingdom even when they are not actively playing. Though this, the game tests one’s ability to effectively manage the collection of resources, development of military powers, and capacity to conquer new lands while defending their own.

Throne: Kingdom at War – The Beginning

Massively multiplayer online game *** DOWNLOAD NOW! *** Android: iOS: Throne: Kingdom at War is a new MMO strategy game by Plarium. In the lands of the ancient Kingdom, numerous power-hungry armies do battle for their overlords, who hope to ascend the throne and claim the title of King!

While the capability of having battles with other players is highly captivating for many, the competitiveness of the environment may deter others. In order to ensure that competition among the players is fair and that those who are new are not constantly engaging with more experienced players, battles are limited to those who are of similar level and have similar resources. With this system of matching equivalent players up, new players are not expected to engage with those who have more experience or resources to ensure that battles are kept fair between players and there is no overpowering influence.

As opposed to simpler games that do not depend on intellectual maneuverability, Kingdom at War challenges the strategic abilities of the players in a way that other games fail to do.

For those who are interested in building and expanding an empire while collecting resources to fight and defend against other enemies, Throne: Kingdom at War is able to provide a significant level of entertainment value. Both fun and educational to play in terms of planning, Kingdom at War offers challenging battles that require strategic instincts to emerge victorious as opposed to more basic, static games that do not allow players to engage with each other. Employing concepts of strategy, planning, and discipline, the game gives players the opportunity to have battles with those around the world in order to expand their own empire in a dynamic and strategic fashion. You can download the game from iTunes or read more here.

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