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May 29, 2018

The royal wedding has caused excitement around the world and has left many dreaming of becoming a princess themselves and while we can’t all have our own royal wedding you can get one step closer to feeling like a princess with princess themes stickers.

iMessage introduced us to the world of stickers and why communicate with words when we can send a cute sticker that lets people know how we’re feeling and even better they can now all be princess themed.

Below are five sticker apps to help you message like a princess:

Sweet Royal Couple for iMessage Sticker

The Sweet Royal Couple sticker pack is perfect for anyone who found themselves immersed in the magic of the royal wedding and doesn’t want the excitement to end just yet. The pack includes a sticker for every situation from an adorable princess looking guilty having turned her prince into a frog to a hilarious sticker of the princess and prince dancing. The Sweet Royal Couple pack has you covered in every situation, no longer do you need to use words to express your feelings when the cute royal cartoon couple can say it for you.

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Disney Princess Stickers

Every true princess loves Disney and so what better way to let your friend know you’re running late or off to bed for the night than with a Disney princess sticker. Disney Princess Stickers takes all of your favourite Disney princesses and turns them into fun cartoon stickers that say words better than you ever could. You can now wave hello with The Little Mermaid and let your friends know you’ve come up with a great idea thanks to the help of Belle.

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Disney Stickers: Princess
Disney Stickers: Princess
Price: $1.99

Princess Fairy Tale Stickers For iMessage

Turn your messages into your very own princess fairy tale with the Princess Fairy Tale stickers pack, these cute cartoon style stickers are sure to make your friends smile with the sheer level of cuteness that has just been sent their way. Whether you use the stickers to communicate with friends or create your own fairy tale story to entertain your friends this is a must have sticker pack for all princesses. Stickers include a fairy tale pink castle, magic mirror and of course a variety of adorable princesses.

Cute Little Princess Stickers Vol 01

Add a little bit of magic to your messages with the Cute Little Princess stickers pack, with tons of princesses and different outfits to choose from you can be the princess you have always dreamed of being. Each princess has her own unique outfit and facial expression perfecting for letting your friends know your thoughts, plus who doesn’t love receiving a beautiful princess on their phone.

Cute Little Princess Stickers Vol 01
Cute Little Princess Stickers Vol 01

Princess Kayla for iMessage Sticker

Princess Kayla is funny and charming princess that lives in your phone ready to be sent to your friends. Princess Kayla comes with all the basic emotions that you would hope for in a sticker pack including, sleepy face, crying and thumbs up but what is so great about Princess Kayla is that she’s also there for you in those less common situations that are equally important to let your friends know about. Just been grounded, Princess Kayla has you covered with a sticker for that, found a horrible spider in your room, don’t worry because Princess Kayla has a hilarious sticker to lighten the mood. She is also there for you in the good times too, when you feel like dancing or just want to make your friends laugh.

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Princess Kayla for iMessage Sticker
Princess Kayla for iMessage Sticker
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