College Humor’s Bleep Bloop iPad Game Reviews

Jun 11, 2010

Despite being several years out of college, I still love I guess it’s my inner frat boy. Their video game show, Bleep Bloop, just reviewed iPad games. Here are the apps they mention (along with some funny one liners).

Uno Fest 2011

“I remember playing UNO at the beach a lot when I was a kid and now you can do the same thing. Just take your iPad to the beach, dig it in the sand, and enjoy a nice game of UNO.”


Wiki Hunt – The Wikipedia Game

“If you think, like, watching your friend play a video game is boring, watching him flip through an encyclopedia is infinitely more boring.”


Labyrinth 2

“I really like what they did with the way that the wooden maze itself, you see different angles of it as you tilt it. It really gives it the illusion of depth just like the iPad gives me the illusion that my life is going okay.”


Ocean Blue for iPad

“Oh I found a shark. That’s like getting a Tetris in this game.”



“We’ve got about $900 worth of hardware here, but we’ve finally made the $20 Scrabble board obsolete.”


Bruce Lee Dragon Warrior HD

“This is a real grown up game with punches and kicks and Bruce Lee and dragons and stuff.”


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