CockBlock – Block Roosters from busting a hole

Mar 7, 2017

The concept of CockBlock is simple. Block all Roosters from smashing a hole in the barn wall at the top of the screen and eating the Mice. Thus the name, “CockBlock.” You do all your “blocking” with the tap of your thumbs as you shoot blocks of cheese at the Roosters. The challenge comes in when you realize there are 3 lanes of Roosters flying up the screen and the speed increases as you go! This game creates a user experience that will challenge your hand-eye coordination and “cat like” reflexes. Do not be discouraged by a low score in the beginning. You will soon be able to CockBlock your way to the top of the leaderboard and feel confidence like you’ve never felt before.

The idea for this game was born at The Ohio State University by two current sophomores. The students grew up together in small-town Johnstown, OH attending school and playing sports and other activities together. Steven Thiel, a current finance major, and Jake Taylor, a CSE major, (the two co-founders of White Waves LLC) started working on the app in a meeting room on campus. The students met in between classes each day working for about an hour at a time. They also worked at one another’s house many times over the summer to finish the game. It was a learning experience to say the least.

The game started from humble beginnings and transformed into the creative title of CockBlock. The horrible looking picture to the left is what the app used to look like early in development. They figured it would be easier to make the app work and then make it look pretty (which was the fun part). The students had some prior knowledge of coding before this app but had a lot to learn to make it into what it is today. At first, they planned to watch tutorial videos each day until the felt they knew “enough” to make the app a reality. However, the real progress didn’t come until one day when they decided to stop watching tutorials and start right away! They learned everything they didn’t know as they went along. They also designed the whole thing themselves in Sketch 3. Even the tiny blades of grass and stones you see on the screen were hand shaped from scratch!

CockBlock – iOS Game Trailer

CockBlock is fun, simple game available on the iOS App Store for FREE! Check it out here:

If you are wondering why the app is named CockBlock it’s for the same reason you clicked on this article. It got you interested. The app is aimed to target high-school/middle-school kids who love playing games and competing against their friends. But it’s really for any lovers of arcade games. Straight out of the womb or old as dirt, as long as you love to CockBlock, you will enjoy the game. This addicting arcade game is now available for iOS and soon to be Android. The students have plans to develop and release many more apps in the future to help fund their next business ideas. This app is seen as small piece in the future of their entrepreneurial aspirations.

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