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Jan 13, 2017

Of the keyboard, some of the most used buttons include vowels, the space button, the enter button, and the backspace button. In trying to make the process of typing messages more efficient, many tools and apps have been created to include swiping instead of typing, as well as different keyboard interfaces which are designed to make typing quicker. However, one overlooked method of speeding up writing messages is to make the most commonly used buttons more streamlined.

CleverDel is one such app that eliminates the need to press backspace constantly in order to remove large amounts of text or delete exact sentences or words so that pressing backspace is more streamlined and less manual. From just a click, these functions deleting specific text is made possible as well as restoring deleted words or sentences in order to improve and speed up the typing process.

Designed for simple usage, CleverDel features four distinct buttons of which three are for delete while the last is for undo. Through these four buttons, users are able to erase or delete the last sentence, word, or even entire text with just a single button instead of having to constantly tap the backspace button or highlighting text to delete a large block at once. Furthermore, the undo button enables users to under their last backspace which is a function that is not currently available in most keyboard apps.

Beyond just the ability to delete and restore various amounts of text, CleverDel further comes with other features designed to make the typing experience either more efficient or more personalized for the user. For example, the keyboard is able to adjust to landscape more, change from various languages, five different color themes, words suggestions, custom emojis, automatic periods, as well as all of the functions of the default keyboard. With the various languages, each language comes with a word suggestion tool similar to the default one.

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Although the app is unique in function, the benefits may appear to be marginal for those who do not consider clicking the backspace button to be a nuisance. For example, if a potential user does not spend much time using the backspace in their perspective, the app would provide limited utility. Furthermore, with autosuggested words and autocorrect being constantly improving, the applicability of the app decreases given that fewer mistakes are made. However, typos and wrong messages are still constantly an issue with many despite these improvements in keyboard technology.

The app – which is now totally free – offers users the ability to use these special keys indefinitely. Extremely useful to save time and convenience for those who often finding themselves constantly click the backspace button to eliminate a specific word, sentence or block of text, CleverDel is an applicable app to make these processes more efficient and customized for the user. Furthermore, although few current keyboards offer the undo option, the app is able to restore accidental deletes that are made, all with a single click from the simplistic design of the additional buttons.

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