Cinema Tools: Fun Video Filter Apps for the iPhone

Jan 8, 2011

I love old looking photos and videos and my life long wish to have my life look old fashioned and instantly nostalgic has come true with all these photography apps! Here are video apps to turn your videos into instant nostalgia!

8mm Vintage Camera

This app is is like hipstamatic for videos. This wonderfully designed app lets you see the effects as you shoot your video so you know exactly what you’re recording. A must have for any iphone cinematographer!


CinemaFX for Video

This lets you add filters to your videos after you’ve recorded your clip. You can truly customize the look of your cinema masterpiece by adding more than one effect — of which there are many. My only gripe is I couldn’t seem to be able to play it before rendering it, only skip through the video to see screenshots with the effects. Still, a solid app!



Much more limited than most video apps, but the end result is very cool! You get to choose either a 3×3 sequence or a 4×4 sequence and then you record whatever you fancy. Once done you are presented with either 9 or 12 photos which play like a flip book in an old fashioned black and white filter. A worthy app!


iMajiCam Pro — Realtime video effects

This video altering app includes filters like photobooth’s mirror and pinch effects and the best thing is you can apply it in real time! This app is perfect for making abstract videos in addition to vintage looking videos and I can see these snippets finding their way into many a garage band’s home made music video!


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