Oct 23, 2010

As a former Cheese Maker I figured it was probably about time I made a cheese app. None of these apps are as good as going to the store to simply sample what you like but many will help you find things you like, and get you to branch out and try something new.

Cheese Guide Pocket Book

Want to figure out what that cheese on the menu really is? This guide is for you. Look up a cheese and get an idea if it’s something you might like.


iLocate – Cheese

Find me some cheese. Like other iLocate apps this one will help you find what you’re looking for, in this case Cheese. Great to find smaller shops you might have missed.


The Complete Book of Cheese

THE bible of cheese. In it’s huge printed form it was used at the boutique grocery store I worked at as a reference to customers. If you’re a serious cheese lover get this app.


Motiluche – Volume 1: Basic Cheese Making

Maybe you want to know about how cheese is made and not just about eating it. This is a great starter reference so you can learn on the go.


Motiluche – Volume 2: Cheese Making Techniques

Learn to make your own cheese press (though really, with the right cheese mold a large round weight will do just fine) and get a bit more advanced in your cheesemaking skills.


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