Challenge Your Social Perceptions!

Nov 23, 2010

Challenge Your Social Perceptions with these apps!

Guess My Race

The idea of this app is to explore how people racially identify themselves. The discovery is that their racial identity may have nothing to do with how they are physically perceived. The most interesting part of this app are the explanations people give in regards to their racial identity. A MUST HAVE!


Second Opinion

This is a neat app that allows you to do exactly what it advertises. You can ask any question and post a picture and people will vote on a yes/no/not sure basis. After you vote, it will reveal the highest percentage answer. Cool. Although, I could do without the pictures of girls asking if they need to lose 10 pounds. 67% say no. I don’t know if that figure includes my vote.


Judge Me! (how good are you?)

I looooooooove this app because it really tests social perceptions and proves that we are all individuals. It shows you a photo of a person and asks questions such as, “Do you think they are straight or gay? Are they single or in a relationship? How much money do they make?” Then, it gives you the answers and you can see how accurate or wrong you were. This app is awesome!


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