Challenge your love for all things 80s with this free trivia app

Mar 1, 2010

VH1’s I Love the 80s trivia iPhone app is a free 80’s game, complete with the requisite neon package. I was a young child of the 80’s, so I was stoked to put my Cabbage Patch and MTV-loving knowledge to the test with this free trivia iPhone app.

You can just play the trivia game yourself, but let me warn you, the multiple choice and matching-game questions are hard, really hard. And, because it is timed, there is no “Googling” of the answers. While some of the questions in the iPhone app give you photographs that practically give away the answer, the ones that don’t have photos are almost impossible. Yet, I Love the 80s is an advanced iPhone app, so you do have the ability to challenge friends to a trivia duel over Bluetooth, making the iPhone app much more fun. I only like to feel stupid if other people are feeling stupid with me.

The iPhone app offers the ability to download additional question packs at 99 cents a pop. I downloaded “I Love the 80s Strikes Back” to see if the questions were any more doable for me. They weren’t. Maybe they should have considered doing question packs by age in the 80s.

So basically, if you were a teen or older during the neon age, you will have a better chance of acing this game. If not, well let’s challenge each other to a “who’s less of a child of the 80s” Bluetooth duel.

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