Cat lovers should put their paws on these apps

Aug 30, 2009

Are you an avid cat lover?  Are you allergic to cats or have a medical condition that prohibits you from owning them?  Do you like to annoy your cat by turning on annoying YouTube videos to get a reaction? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, here are some of the best free apps available for your iPod Touch and iPhone.

Apps for the allergic

There’s a plethora of apps available out there for cat lovers. But for those who love cats and are allergic, iPet Cats, from Webworks and Applications, Inc. may be the best.  Similar to the nostalgic Giga Pet, iPet Cats also enables users to feed, pet and provide a gift to their digital cat.  Your iPet Cats can make friends and play games with other digital pets. In the app’s Petworld section, users can read what other cats are doing Facebook style.  This is a great option for older children who want a cat, but can’t because of allergies or medical conditions. It’s also great for adults who are a kid at heart.

For those who love to view pictures of cats and have an appreciation for bad grammar, the LOL Cats app from GreenRobot LLC is a great find.  Similar to the Web site, users can view pictures of cats in precarious situations captioned by their poster.  This app also allows user to import their friends from Twitter or Facebook.  Cat lovers can upgrade to the LOL Cats Premium app if they so desire.

Best apps to have fun with your cat

If your cat(s) are always staring at the television or out the window when they hear another cat meow, there are many apps that will evoke the same reaction.

Although Cat Piano Jr. is targeted for human entertainment, playing it in the presence of not one but two cats evoked a strong reaction of annoyance from them. This entertainment app from George Talusan and Hilary Street enables users to play the piano on their iPhone or iPod touch. But instead of musical noises users hear cat meows.  This is a great option to annoy your cat while playing angelic meow, furball and house cat sounds.

Kitty! Annoy your cat! markets itself as “the best way to pester your cat!”  From Campbell/Gambill Designs, Kitty! Annoy your cat! supplies many sounds to induce your cat into madness.  This may not work for all cats, mind you. My two test cats wanted to find the source of noise and then wanted nothing to do with it.

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