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Jan 15, 2010

Not a hard core gamer but do find many times when I need to kill a few minutes. Looking for simple games that can be dropped and picked back up, here is a set that I find fun.

Zen Bound™

Can’t get more casual than wrapping string on all kinds of interesting shapes. Can pick this up and play without have to remember what the previous games were… low stress and actually more relaxed after playing for a bit.


Orba – Color Smasher

Actually this is similar to reMovem and both are simple and for some reason that I don’t understand don’t get too repetitive


Peggle Classic

Nice pachinko type game without the stress of having to make quick moves. You can take your time and plan the moves and never gets repetitive and many many puzzles to solve.


iBlast Moki

Lots of different puzzles and can take your time for each one. Very different than other games and very novel.


Unblock Me

Like those old style slider puzzles but with wood and very challenging and somewhat adicting


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