Calorie Counters – Including Fast Food and Drinks!

Oct 28, 2010

I’ve been using and their corresponding iPhone app to track calories and other nutritional information for all of my meals, and I wondered what else was out there. Turns out – a lot! And I was most impressed to find that there are specific calculators out there for drinks as well.

Diet & Food Tracker by SparkPeople

This is what I’ve been using –’s corresponding app. I like it because it’s an easy extension of the website (which I use also).


DrinkFit – Beer, Cocktail, Liquor & Wine Nutrition Facts

These are the sneaky calories that we often neglect to count, but this app puts it all at your fingertips.


Calorie One – Calorie, Exercise & Weight Tracker

I like health/nutrition trackers that account for fitness as well as diet.


Calorie Master

Another one that accounts for calories burned as well as calories consumed.


Fast Food Calorie Checker

I gotta admit – I wouldn’t WANT to know a lot of these details, but here it is – available for you to track!


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