Building Shapes in Make Hexa

Apr 6, 2017

Puzzle apps come in all shapes and sizes, and often require the player to use different methods of critical thinking to reach the goal. Make Hexa does exactly the opposite, and only asks you to solve one problem: making hexagons. In this case simplicity wins though, as the game proves to be as addictive as it is straightforward.

Make Hexa takes place over just one screen. A brief tutorial will explain the basics of the game, with the goal essentially being to build as many hexagonal shapes as possible within a much bigger hexagon. In your armoury will be shapes of different builds and colours, all made from smaller triangles. The first shape to appear may be a dark blue triangle, the next could be an orange croissant-shaped block. With only three shapes at your disposal at any time, the aim is to use these to create a hexagon of the same colour, which will then disappear, rewarding you with a points bonus.

The premise is similar to that of Tetris, except in Make Hexa Puzzle players aren’t given time restrictions, meaning you can sit and work out your next move for as long as you want. Instead, you have only a certain number of moves to earn as many points as possible. These will increase the more hexagons you make, but if you don’t manage to build any at all, your moves will soon be up. Players can also choose from any of the three shapes they have at that time, so aren’t limited to the earliest one to appear. The rules may seem confusing at first, but you’ll pick them up quicker than you’d realise.

Make Hexa Puzzle is a unique take on the shape puzzle games that we’ve been playing for decades now.

Although beating your highest score is the aim of the game, in-game currency also gives players something else to think about. The more successful you are the better the rewards, which can be spent on helpful boosts, such as the ability to dispose of a shape in favour of a new one, as well as destroy blocks that have already been placed to leave room for others. These will help you out in the tighter spots towards the end of the game, which players of Tetris will know all too well. A more substantial amount can be spent on another game mode, in which you can play on a much larger hexagonal board. Of course this in-game currency can be purchased with real-life money, although a little bit of hard work never hurt anybody.

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Make Hexa Puzzle is a unique take on the shape puzzle games that we’ve been playing for decades now. At a time when graphical and narrative complexity are becoming all the more dominant in games of all types, it shows that sometimes the simplest of titles can be the most fun and enjoyable.

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