Bubble Hop – A game app with an underwater tale and a hidden message

Aug 16, 2016

Utilizing an air-filled bubble vehicle, players navigate an ambitious and adorable little sea horse as he ascends to reach the ocean surface. On his way there, he discovers treasures from a sunken ship, confronts food chain threats, gets shocked by jellyfish etc. But, there’s more to this story than what the player knows.

Ken Kimble, owner of Digital Download LLC, developed this game with a hidden message in mind. “Make it to the top and let nothing stop you” is the slogan, and what this game’s tale is all about. The sea horse is me, the bubble is the idea and the dream. The treasure is the reward for your hard work, the success, the prosperity. But, then there’s the obstacles and the food chain threats which are always in your way on while trying to stay on course. The failures, the disappointments, those that don’t believe in you. All of these things must be conquered before reaching your destination.

The game’s concept is a cross between Angry Birds and Doodle Jump. Unlike Doodle Jump however, this game features 20-levels and the player can collect 3-glowing starfish in each level. The player utilizes accelerometer technology to navigate the sea horse, tilting the device right and left until he reaches the ocean surface. An addictive game for young adults, but challenging for children, yet an ideal pastime for all demographics. Graphics inspired by anime-style design combining both bright and dark colors appeal to a wide range of age groups. Bubble Hop is free to download and is currently available for iOS.

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