Brush up on your trivia!

Apr 26, 2010

I’m a trivia geek. And I’m probably not as good at trivia as I claim to be, but I do have a knack for being on winning trivia teams. So if we ever need to cheat, these are the first apps I’m going to.

IMDb Movies & TV

How many times have you exclaimed, “Oh that actor… Crap… What’s his name? The guy who played the guy who liked that girl in that one movie?” Well have no fear, the IMDb app is here to rescue you!


Wikipedia Mobile

JUST ADMIT IT. Wikipedia is now our go-to source for information. The other day when my roommate bought a yuka root to hide in her boyfriend’s bed as a prank, you bet your butt I Wikipedia’d what the heck a yuka root was.



Even if it isn’t searchable, you can totally wow your friends by being able to tell them who was born on this day in history. And major events on this day in history. And random facts. That kinda thing. And who doesn’t love sounding smarter than their friends?!



With a name like TRIVIA WARS, people will be intimidated. Test your trivia knowledge in this trivia app that has categories and questions and points and scoring and COLORS! Is that a good enough endorsement?


VH1’s I Love the 80s Trivia

Don’t tell me you don’t love the 80s. I was born in the 80s and barely lived in the 80s and never experienced the 80s culture and I STILL love the 80s. So test your 80s knowledge with this app and even challenge a friend. Preferably a young friend who was born in the 90s and therefore has no emotional attachment to the 80s, thereby guaranteeing your win.

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Maybe you should play this one in private, just in case you AREN’T smarter than a 5th grader, because that would be embarrassing. Maybe wait to bust this out in public until you’ve beaten it and then you can sneakily and nonchalantly get all the answers right and everyone will exclaim what a genius you are! Sounds like a plan to me.


iQ US History Trivia

After nearly 17 years of US schooling, my faith in winning this game is incredibly low. Maybe I have a hard time memorizing dates and names, maybe I’ve heard these things repeated so many times that it doesn’t absorb any more, or maybe it’s a testament to the failed school systems that I attended, but US History is my worst subject. I’m gonna need to study this app.


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