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Published by Sam Eskenazi on Arcade

Bricks Breaker Puzzle is, as the title so deftly shows, a brick breaking game. Similar in style to Bounzy or those old style angular shooting gallery games, Bricks Breaker 2 is all about destroying those darned bricks.

The difference Bricks Breaker Puzzle provides over other shooting gallery games is focused on the differing ascetic and targets with health.

Each level gives you a certain number of balls to break the bricks, each of which has a certain value that requires a number of balls equal to it to break.

Occasional levels contain little buttons that alter the game state somehow. With a directional arrow gives some indication as to their effect, the balls that pass through them for the first shot will change the game in weird ways. Some of them will simply hit every brick in that row, others will randomize the direction of the ball that flies through it. The inclusion of these havoc-wreaking alterations help keep Bricks Breaker Puzzle fresh between different levels.

The only irritation with the predicting line is that it predicts the shots as if there were no blocks in the way, meaning if you fire too quickly, you might not realize there’s another block in the way that deflects your entire plan.

Bricks Breaker Puzzle seems caught between two games; a maths puzzle and an angular shooting gallery. It is clear it is more of the latter, but the former feels like it could have a place were it to be properly implemented.

Regardless of the confusion of genre, Bricks Breaker Puzzle possesses the ability to keep the player breaking bricks through fresh gameplay and a unique scoring system.

The game remains fun and engaging, despite the ever so slightly perplexing ascetic and cross-genres.
It may be similar to other games in the same general genre, but it tries something new and manages to keep you playing; on its own, that’s pretty impressive.

Bricks Breaker Puzzle
Bricks Breaker Puzzle
Developer: mobirix
Price: Free+