Brexit, the game: British bus is going against the traffic

Jul 5, 2016

British vote to leave the European Union shocked people around the World and even British voters themselves, some of whom just realized later the consequences their votes might have. Within a week, heroes from Iceland sent home the British football team from the European Championship, which might have smaller influence on the global economy, still it was a shocking result for fans. Anyone who is touched by the week when British left everything behind is invited to play Brexit on iPhone.

Brexit is a simple and completely free game in which the player controls a British double-decker bus driving on the European highway. There’s one slight problem – the bus is going against traffic. The player has to react to the oncoming cars and quickly switch lanes, otherwise the crash is inevitable. The audience of the app is expected to be coming from different society groups and from different countries, people with sense of humor, not afraid to joke about really serious matters. Games with political tones getting popular recently, Candidate Crunch, with over 100,000 installs already, touching on the topic of election in US.

One of the strengths of Brexit app is the lighthearted approach and simple gameplay, the latter being one of the weaknesses, as players might get bored quite fast with the game. The developer, Studio On5 was established in 2009 by small group in Vilnius, Lithuania (EU member since 2004). They reacted really fast to have a chance to see the game go viral.


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