Aug 23, 2010

Learn how to use your breath to improve your life with these apps!

Lungs & Breathing: Lung Disorders, Asthma, Cancer, Asbestos Awareness Encyclopedia FREE!

This app is a series of definitions of conditions that can affect your lungs and breathing. Very informative!


Tactical Breathing Trainer

For those who don’t want to be caught with anything that says Pranayama on their phone, this app is more or less the same as Pranayama, but with a different title. Learn to relax and use your breath as a source of healing and the rest will fall into place.


Health through Breath – Pranayama

This is one of my favorite apps of all time. The simplest idea, yet so very brilliant. Practice your Pranayama meditation with an inhale, hold, exhale guide. Decide how many breaths you want per minute, the type of music, and the duration of your practice! Too Awesome and it’s fabulous if you are having trouble sleeping or relaxing.



Learn how to use your breath to calm down with a guide on your iphone. The exercise is very similar to other breathing apps, but the layout and timer are different.


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