Breast Cancer Awareness Apps

Oct 1, 2010

October 1st kicks off Breast Cancer Awareness Month here are few breast cancer educational and risk assessment apps

Breast Cancer Diagnosis Guide

launched by non-profit organization, runs on iPhones, iPods and iPads. The app “This app walks you through your breast cancer pathology report and other tests and information that you and your doctor will use to help decide which treatments are right for you.” Research, news, articles, and other information specific from is also available using this app. I’ve read that this app is “useful to caretakers, including spouses and adult children, helping in the care of the patient”



The Keep A Breast Foundation Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention App teaches you how to Check Your Self and set a automatic reminder to do your breast self exam at the same time every month, an important key to prevention. You can educate yourself on the facts with our Breast Cancer Glossary and Facts.


Breast Cancer Ribbons

Launched in 2009 this app according to the Apple store allows you to “promote breast cancer awareness with your iPhone or iPod touch. Every time you turn your device on, and each time your iPhone rings, it will become a powerful mobile billboard that will draw attention to this important issue. The beautifully rendered images in this inspiring collection are as stunning as they are thought-provoking.”


Touch To Give™

I found this through as a way to donate to Breast Cancer, Animal Rescue or Hunger. Just open the app, choose the cause (1 of 3), and tap the colored “Touch To GiveTM” button.

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Dr K’s Breast Checker

Launched in early September this app was created by Dr Kath Giles. “You’ll be able to keep a track of changes in your breasts, be provided with helpful information and reminders, and be able to share the message about fighting breast cancer with friends.”


Breast Cancer Awareness Telephone (B.A.T. Phone)

While this app makes me a little nervous – the idea is you can use this BRIGHT pink phone pad to replace your phone for regular dialing to promote Breast Cancer Awareness. I like the idea of pink buttons (who doesn’t like pink) but I’m not sure about dialing through an app.


iEat For Life: Breast Cancer

provides a grocery list of foods with proven benefits specifically for prevention and supporting healing from breast cancer.


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