Break Dancing 101

Feb 7, 2011

Who isn’t fascinated by street performers moves as they twirl on their heads on the sidewalk? I may lack the dexterity it takes to be a true bboy dancer, but these apps can help me try at least!

Breakdance Step-by-Step – Beginner’s How to Bboy Video Guide

This app provides a great arsenal of videos clearly explaining how to perform certain street dancing moves. You’ll be helicoptering in no time!



This app is the first in a long series of tutorials on how to execute some pretty spiffy dance moves. Only gives 4 in this app and for the first in the series I found this to be a little too advanced for true beginners.


iStreetDance Lite

Perhaps the most engaging of the videos tutorials on street dancing for beginners. I felt more encouraged with each video where I was able to master the move.


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