Brainy Games!

Sep 5, 2011

Just because working adults aren’t go back to school doesn’t mean we don’t need a brain tune up now and then. Here are some games to test that noggin’ of yours.

Brain Teasers 3 – logic unblock glass blocks free riddles addicting games!

This game will keep your brain in shape by making you beat the clock solving puzzles! Be prepared to do mental push ups!


Brain Tease 2 (Puzzles & Riddles)

This app gives you a plethora of puzzles and riddles to solve. The only downside is that it relies on the honor code to figure your score so it depends on how truthful we feel like being!


Big Brain Quiz – The Most Famous Guessing Game!

This trivia app includes quizzes on several subjects any well rounded smart person would want to know more about. So even if you fail miserably, you can at least learn some good trivia along the way!


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