Brain Exercises

Apr 12, 2010

I used to spend a lot of time playing tic-tac touch and touch hockey. Then, a thought struck me. What if I was actually spending time improving my memory and attention span, instead of tuning out? Some of the apps in this list might border on only being games, but at the very least they are educational.

StudySets – Psychology Lite

When I use this app, I feel like I am not only learning about myself, but because of the way it’s organized the information is easy to retain. I only have the lite version, but it’s good enough that I’ll go pro someday.


Touch Physics Lite

Technically, this is a “thinking” game, but I feel that it does improve my spatial perception. This can be helpful when I am stressed out and I have to parallel park in downtown LA. Also, I failed physics in high school, but always felt like I intuitively understood it. Now, I’m positive that’s the case.


Lumosity Brain Trainer

This is my new addiction! You HAVE to download this app. Simple, but not always easy. These exercises have improved my memory, calmed me down, and improved my problem solving. Don’t take it too seriously though, especially if the app gives you a low Brain Performance Index score.


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